Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The friendly oasis of the Village of Edgerton is nestled in rolling hills in the east-central Alberta; south east of Edmonton, Alberta on Hwy 14 then south on secondary highway 894. The Border City of Lloydminster lies 85 km north, and the town of Wainwright, 36 km west. We boast many recreational opportunities and have all the necessities within the borders of our town. Our K-12 Public School offers children a high quality education with small class sizes and low student/teacher ratios. CFB Wainwrgiht, supported by the Western Area Training Centre and the Canadian Maneuver Training Centre, is a nice 25 minute drive west for those travelling daily, the sun will always be at your back! Surrounded by rich agricultural land and steadily increasing oil and gas production, Edgerton is a great place to raise a family, a community with good old fashioned hospitality and all the conveniences of small town living.


Edgerton's 100th Anniversary

We held our 3rd organizational meeting for the 100th Anniversary and now have developed a bit of structure and committees. The date we ill host our Anniversary is August 11-13 of 2017.

Listed below are some of the committees we have identified, some will require several members and others only a couple, you are encourages to let us know where you can help out a.s.a.p. by registering at the Village office, 780-755-3933or admin@edgerton-oasis.ca

-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer

Finance Committee
-Will develop a budget based on other committee needs
- Will apply for various government grants and private donations.

Theatrical Production Committee
-Develop a general idea of a production (Required now!!)
-Requires actor & actresses, directors, set development etc.
-Idea is for 2 dinner Theater Productions

Parade Committee
-Will arrange bands, entertainment for the parade
-Organize the participant’s and develop the route
-Invite dignitaries
-Develop prize incentives

Registration committee
-Responsible for invites and advertising
-Manage the registration desk & welcoming.com. during the event
-Co-ordinate all committees printing requirements

Town Improvement Committee
-Develop ideas on how to beautify the Village for the weekend
-Work with the Village on incentives
-Work with businesses to present the best image
-Work with Comminutes in bloom and other groups

Food Committee
-Co-ordinate all food requirements for the weekend

Events Committee
-Create events, special attractions and activities for all ages
-Research original/previous business and design plaques
-Church Services

Winds of Change Committee
-Do an up-date to the Winds of Change
-Likely not to be completed & printed until after 2017

Lots of News from the Village Office

Garbage, we all know the frustrating situation we have as Wastemanagement deals with their new drivers and the missed pick-ups. Curbside garbage is to be picked up on Thursdays, should yours be missed, please contact the village office immediately (780-755-3933) and we will arrange to have it picked up.

We are delighted to announce that we will begin construction of our new Municipal Building next month, it will house a new fire hall as well, library and village office. Keep posted to see where the temporary library will be located.

We are pleased to welcome Jeff Wilson as our new By-law Officer, Jeff will visit the village a couple of times a month in an effort to help manage our by-laws and to assist in keeping the village a safe place to live.

Regarding old vehicles, we had an excellent response last month, we had approximately a dozen old vehicles removed from the village. We are offering the same service this month, if you have an old vehicle that you'd like us to have hauled away please stop by the office and advise us of the location, color and make of the vehicle.

We continue to have break-ins and thefts at the golf course, we ask that everyone to be vigilant in noticing anything suspicious and to report it to the RCMP.


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